Dr. Sean Henschel – Pastor at San Diego Branch Church

Dr. Sean Henschel

Pastor at San Diego Branch Church

Sean loves teaching the Word and is passionate about seeing the timeless truths of the Scripture penetrate and transform lives.

Sean’s main roles at Branch Church involve Preaching and Pastoring and overseeing Evangelism and Outreach, Men’s Ministry and Counseling.

He served the Branch College of Ministry as both the academic dean and an instructor from 2015 to 2019. Along with teaching theology, he contributed to program and syllabus development, Greek language and exegesis courses, and focused his efforts on scriptural analysis and faithful interpretation. In addition, he was a regular teacher for Branch Church morning and evening services. Previously, Sean served in Christian Education for five years at Horizon Christian Academy, teaching at various high school grade levels while engaging in curriculum development. Sean received his bachelor’s degree in biblical and theological studies from Horizon College San Diego (now Horizon University) and his master’s degree in theological studies from Bethel Seminary San Diego and is currently working on his Doctorate of Ministry in biblical exposition from Southern California Seminary.

Sean and his wife Aubrey have been married for four years and are proud parents of their two daughters.


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