Reaching the Nations with the Gospel

Our Mission & Team

Branch Church Missions exists to support missionaries pastorally, financially, and administratively and equip new missionaries to be sent out. There are many ways to get involved! You can contact our office at [email protected] for specifics to the following categories:

  • Administratively help plan an upcoming mission trip
  • Administratively organize stateside support for a current missionary
  • Financially support a missionary so they can continue to live in a foreign country and do ministry (ongoing monthly support & special items needed for ministry)

William & Lily Silverthorn

In 2009, William and Lily Silverthorn retired and created the LAMA Ministry which focuses on helping the people of Peru, Lily’s home country. They have been making trips to do outreaches twice a year focusing on helping the residents and have had many legal, engineering, and planning meetings about developing the property.

Read William & Lily’s full story by clicking the link below.