Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Sunday Prayer


We pray every Sunday before service from 9:00-9:15am and everyone is welcome to attend. Also, after the service is over we would love to pray for you in front of the stage. This is a time to talk with a Pastor or ministry leader and have them pray for you for anything. Whether it is something the Lord spoke to you about during ther sermon or if there is something else going on you would like prayer for. We're here for you!



Monday Night Prayer

Prayer is the lifeblood of our church. Join us for any length of time that you have available. We meet for two 1-hour blocks, all focusing on different things.


First and foremost, we spend time giving thanks for God for all that He's done for us and our church families. We also pray over personal needs, the needs of our church families, and the needs and issues of our church ministries and missionaries. Join us Monday evenings at 6pm either online or at our church offices. 


We would love to pray for you!


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