Apologetics Camp

July 16–18

Equipping Kids to Know and Defend the Faith

Join us for an enriching Apologetics Camp from July 16th to 18th, running daily from 9am to 12pm! Designed for kids, this camp is dedicated to empowering them with the knowledge and skills to understand and defend their faith confidently. Click the button below to register your kids today!


Dinosaurs and the Bible: From Creation to Now


Dinosaurs and Creation: When were dinosaurs made? What kinds of dinosaurs did God make?

Dinosaurs and the Fall: What happened to dinosaurs when Adam and Eve sinned?

Dinosaurs and Noah’s Ark: Did the dinosaurs go on the ark? How did they all fit?

Dinosaurs and the Flood: What do fossils tell us about dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs and Extinction: What happened to the dinosaurs?