Serving those in need

Bringing the love of Jesus to those in need.

UR Loved

UR Loved is a yarn ministry providing comfort and hope to those hurting and in pain. We will gift handmade items to individuals or groups in need or suffering loss. These gifts are not only lovingly prepared but are prayed over and freely given in an effort to spread God’s love. Demonstrating respect and self–worth both to believers and non–believers.


Branch Church Missions exists to support missionaries pastorally, financially, and administratively and equip new missionaries to be sent out. There are many ways to get involved! You can contact our office at [email protected] for specifics to the following categories:

  • Administratively help plan an upcoming mission trip
  • Administratively organize stateside support for a current missionary
  • Financially support a missionary so they can continue to live in a foreign country and do ministry (ongoing monthly support & special items needed for ministry)

Serving the Community

Bringing the light of Jesus to our world.

Embrace Grace

A 12–week discipleship program for single pregnant girls

Pro–Life, Pro–Love.

We meet weekly to go through the Embrace Grace video and study guide. Our participants (we call them “Blooms”) learn about the love of Jesus and their identity in Christ with every lesson.

Leadership Team:

  • Mari Hoffman
  • Chris Thomas

Please contact Mari at [email protected] to get involved.

Embrace Grace Website

Embrace Grace SD Branch Church Facebook

Living Hope

Providing Spiritual, Practical, and Emotional Support for New Moms.

The Mission of Living Hope is to demonstrate the love of God by providing hope through spiritual, practical, and emotional support for young moms.

Living Hope addresses the practical needs of Embrace Grace graduates and other young moms as well as encourages their spiritual growth. This group is for any young woman who is pregnant, or has recently had a baby, or who is looking for support, friendship and assistance. At Living Hope we understand the concerns that come with pregnancy or being a new mom. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is loving and confidential where young moms can safely and comfortably share their concerns.

This group is also for those women touched by an unplanned pregnancy who want help and are perhaps interested in the Embrace Grace Program but the program is in between sessions. In these situations, Living Hope works together with Embrace Grace to provide spiritual, practical, and emotional support through one–on–one meetings with the women.

We meet on the first Friday of each month at 5:30pm at the Branch Offices. Also, on the third Wednesday of each month we have a Park Day at various parks from 9:30am–12:00pm. Children are welcome at all events.

Please contact Mari Hoffman at [email protected] to get involved.

Leadership Team:

  • Mari Hoffman
  • Chris Thomas

Senior Retirement Outreach

Our Senior Ministries maintain weekly Bible study, reading groups, and prayer groups at our many local Senior residences, bringing a full consistent walk with our Lord.

If you would like to be invloved in this minsitry, please fill out the form on the side. We’d love to hear from you!

“You shall rise up before the gray headed, and honor the face of the old man, and fear your God: I am the LORD.” – Leviticus 19:32

Serving the Church

Strengthening the church to go deeper than ever in God’s Word, in fellowship, and in prayer.


We have a group of prayer warriors that would love to pray for you! If you need prayer, click the button below to submit your prayer request.

Children’s Ministry

Our mission is to teach the word of God, to elevate Christ, and to come alongside families.

The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to teach the children about God’s word and Jesus’ love for them.

We have several classrooms to choose from:

  • Newborn to 3 years old
  • Pre–k to First Grade
  • Second to Sixth Grade

For more info email Kelsey at [email protected]

Youth Ministry

Jr. High and Sr. High

Our goal is that the youth would know the Word of God, know what they believe and why, and share their faith with others.

  • Sunday service – Our focus each Sunday is to teach the Word to the youth. Our time together is very similar to a regular Sunday morning church service. We join the main service for worship at 9:30 and then are dismissed for youth group. During youth group we typically spend 30 minutes walking through a paragraph of scripture (questions and interaction are always encouraged!), have some brief announcemtns and then join the church body for lunch. We are currently going through Galatians and seeing how God’s amazing gospel transforms our lives!
  • Wednesday Night Youth Group – 7–8:30 at the Branch Office. Come hang out, play some games, eat some snacks and enjoy a practical message on relevent topics. We are currently going through a series called “Elephant in the Church” that addresses the youth’s most pressing and challenging questions. We encourage the youth to ask their tough questions so that they experience great answers to their toughest questions.

If you would like to be added to our email list for emails about events we do outside of Sunday and Wednesday please click the button below to sign up.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Bible Study // Phone // 7:00–8:00pm

As men, our study focuses on not being conformed to this world but being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2), and we renew our minds and reinforce the new man that we are in Christ through our in–depth study of the scriptures. We believe that God’s revelation of Himself through His Word is profitable for all things in life, and our group focuses on growing our understanding of the scriptures and how it applies to our lives. Currently we are in a series through the book of Habakkuk.

Men’s Group: A Praying Life // Clairemont // 7:00–8:30pm

As vital as prayer is for our relationship with God, many of us struggle with making it a frequent and natural part of our spiritual lives. It’s time to get rid of the hurddles. An unhealthy prayer life is the roadblock from becoming the friends, leaders, husbands, and fathers that God desires us to be. If you desire a stronger prayer life we’d to have you join our group as we study the book A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World by Paul E. Miller.

For more information on future activities, as well as current Men’s Ministry information, please email Sean at [email protected].

Women’s Ministry


  • Raising Littles Mom’s Group – Raising Littles is a chance to connect with other moms and their babies on the new transition into motherhood. Our time together is spent chatting about the ups and downs, joys and challenges of adjusting to life as a mother.
  • Rejoice Women’s Study – Join this on–going Bible Study that meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:45pm.
  • Women’s Precept Bible Study – This is an ongoing in depth Precept (inductive) Bible Study for women that meets at 9:30am. A workbook is required for this study.

For more information about the Women’s Ministry, please click the link below or contact us at [email protected]