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Joining a group allows you the opportunity to have your faith strengthened by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have also been saved by His grace.


Welcome to the women’s ministry! Our purpose is to encourage women in their faith by developing a close relationship to God through bible study, prayer, worship, and fellowship with one another. Our three–fold mission is: 1) to provide a safe space to be real with one another, 2) to provide events and activities for all women in different stages of life, and 3) to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and connection with other women. We hope you will join us as we walk through this life together, praising Him and uplifting each other.


Leaders need to follow Christ. This doesn’t come without forgetfulness, and us as men trying to do it on our own. We each need accountability. If you are looking to grow in the grace of God to be the leader God desires you to be, join a men’s group.

20’s & 30’s

“I thought I’d be further ahead by now…” Even though you may feel like this, God is gracious and you are right where you are supposed to be at this point in your life. These are ages where you are figuring it out, and we want to help you figure it out with God.


Branch Youth is here to help our youth navigate their lives in a Christ–like manner. This world is a battle of ideas and values, and so our two–fold focus is to help our young: think well — mind, and live well — character. To do this we dig into Scripture, dive into pressing topics such as social/moral issues, lifestyle, culture, apologetics, etc., offer insights on how to transform as people and… oh yeah… have a lot of fun!!!


Our families belong to Jesus. What an honor it is to steward these relationships of marriage and parenting. With this great honor comes great responsibility. We get together for support, encouragement, and to learn from one another all in Christ.


¿Hablas Español? Our Spanish service begins at 9:30am in Room D. Ensenamos La Palabra de Dios y le traemo adoracion.


When we pray we acknowledge our need for God. So much in our hearts needs to be taken out of our hands and into the sovereign hand of God. We pray because we want to let God be God in our lives and would love for you to join us on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings.