Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry




To teach the word of God, to elevate Christ, and to come alongside families.



The purpose of the Children's Ministry is to teach the children about God's word and Jesus' love for them.






Our nursery consists of children from newborn through 24 months. Although a church nursery is a place where the physical and emotional needs of your children are met while you are not present, our goal is to serve parents and children even further by teaching the attributes of God through the way we care for the children.




Children (2-4 years old) are welcomed at "Sprouts" where children are taught great truths about God in very simple words, to show glimpses of who God is through the telling of key Bible stories and to repeat those stories and basic truth statements over and over.




Kindergartners through second-graders are welcome at "Sprigs" where the Bible is studied in the fun centers of Play-time, Praise-time, Story-time, Craft-time and of course, Snack-time. Emphasis is on learning the Books and characters of the Bible using games and activities, along with how to read the Bible and who Jesus is.




Third through fifth-graders are welcome at "Twigs" where kids are guided to have a deeper understanding of God and the Bible through teaching and activities that help to focus on all that God has done and is doing in their lives.



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