The San Diego Branch Church, in exercise of its religious and charitable purposes, has established a benevolence fund to assist persons who are truly in need.  The Branch welcomes contributions to the fund from anyone wishing to contribute to a worthy cause.  The administration of the benevolence fund, including all disbursements made to fully-qualified individuals, is subject to the exclusive control and the discretion of the benevolence committee or other designated body of this church.  

The benevolence committee will consider recommendations from anyone on disbursement of funds, but in accordance with IRS regulations, is not bound in any way to honor any recommendation.

Additionally, contributors to the fund will not be permitted to recover any donations made to the fund. This is a permanent and ongoing fund of the church that is made available to all individuals of the church and the general public.  The Scriptures teach us in Gal 2:10 that we should remember the poor.  

Additionally, Gal 6:2 teaches us that we should bear one another's burdens. 

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